Patient3i Partners and Collaborators

A Global Patient Dialogue is delivered by Patient3i who brings together trusted Partners and Collaborators

Patient3i provides the platform for the series, handling all logistics for the meeting with specific policies and procedures to ensure high quality and transparency; coordinates with partners to ensure delivery excellence.

Patient advocacy organizations — specific to the disease of interest — provide key content expertise and individual representative patient experts and manages patients’ expectations.

National Health Council, a key collaborator in the US guides the process by providing standards for patient engagement, training, representativeness, primary contact with FDA, and will bridge global standards and methods with multiple stakeholders.

EU partners and collaborators will mirror the US consortium approach for a planned Global Patient Dialogue in the US: all stakeholders, participants and patient organizations will benefit from a global perspective for the disease condition.

Health Care Innovators/participants register for the meeting, attend, engage with patients and receive the Global Patient Dialogue Report for both US and EU Global Patient Dialogues.

What You’ll Experience